Wowzers! The last two months have flown by! You know the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, time flies when you’re BUSY. And when you combine that with LA weather, which is so consistent that keeping up with the date is too much trouble, the days pass like a blink.

While the beginning of the year was adjusting to a new work schedule, currently I am finishing up garden classes for the year, catching up on seasonal TV shows, seeing more and more friends (and always meeting new people), researching where Co and I will move (more on this later) and prepping for a very busy summer.

I’m afraid that the next few months are already here and gone and that the Fall semester is ready to begin again. Such is the life of an adult, I’ve quickly learned. You barely have a moment to catch your breath. And if you happen to, it’s either interrupted or isn’t quite what you imagined. In my case, my breaths don’t often correspond with Cobalt’s and thus we don’t spend a lot of “fun” time together. Many a time, we’ll watch a show before snoozing. Or eat a meal together. Or take a walk. But even 20 months into living here, we still have yet to venture out. It used to be because we didn’t have the money to do much. But now we simply don’t have the energy! That’s why Spring break was so weary; we felt the expectation of DOING something, when in fact, we didn’t want to do anything at all — just enjoy each other’s company for a change. Alone.

Now that I’ve ranted for a moment, I want to take this time to introduce a duration of Los Angeles weather of which I neglected to write about last year: June Gloom. ‘Tis the season for cloudy mornings and sometimes dismal days. In fact, the dreariness has already begun, about a month ago. Cobalt and I noticed it one morning when we had trouble waking up from a groggy slumber. Our room was still dim at 8:30am. As we rubbed our eyes awake, we were confused and worried of the sudden fatigue. It was a week later that I was commenting to my coworker about the clouds and wondering why it wasn’t raining. “It’s June Gloom, girl!” was the response and then it hit me that June was only around the corner (for I had forgotten June comes after May :P).

So on a typical June Gloom day,  the morning is grey and the air cool until around noon. Then, like clockwork, the hissing sun emerges ever so quickly from behind the clouds to dissolve the firmament and warm the earth below. This creates a kind of mugginess, one of which is quite uncomfortable until late afternoon. As the sun droops behind the horizon, the heat returns with it to allow the earth to cool off the rest of the evening. In fact, the mornings and evenings can feel rather chilly, even when the afternoon is prickly with  UV rays.

Such is our life for another few weeks before the REAL summer begins. July-October is my least favorite part of the year here. Dry heat, yes (so I really shouldn’t complain). But hot all the same. No shade. Just bright sun. Like someone shining a flashlight in your eyes for hours, despite sunglasses and a hat!

Regardless, I was just talking with Cobalt the other day that I’ve gotten super spoiled with the weather here. Now that I open my windows/doors daily, I work outdoors without bug spray, and can feel the beachy breeze, I can’t imagine living anywhere else right now.

Is it possible that I finally LIKE Los Angeles???????? :-o