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I am the third child born to my parents – born on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 1990.  Until I was 6 years old, I lived in TX, the “country” my parents and their parents grew up in; then followed the Lord’s guidance through my faithful father to Nashville, TN.  Me and my sibs were home schooled through our entire education, though we did attend some “tutorials” (private schools for home schoolers) our late high school years.  There I made many good friends that I still have today.

After graduating high school, I attended a local community college for a year while working at a nearby deli to complete some general education classes whilst deciding upon my major.  I considered culinary arts for a time, but concluded the work would be too stressful and/or difficult.  But when encouraged by my friend’s mom to look into Nutrition, I then researched this major.  To my surprise, I was quite intrigued with the curriculum.  The following autumn I had the opportunity to move to Johnson City, TN to live with my brother and be a nanny for his newly adopted son (through his marriage to his wife).  Providentally, the college near to my brother’s house (ETSU) offered a Dietetics degree; and so that year I headed off to the mountains of East Tennessee.

By the Author’s gracious design (and through my brother’s friendliness), I quickly became acquainted with several people within the first two months of living in Johnson City; ultimately familiarizing myself with ETSU’s campus and establishing myself within a church, a campus ministry and a girls’ Bible study.  Basically all of the friends I met were a part of the same organizations, so I got to know them fairly rapidly.  They were so friendly that they would invite me to nearly every event that was going on – even if it was just going to someone’s house to hang out after church.

In fact, that’s exactly how I met Cobalt!


It was a Sunday afternoon in October.  I was a bit bored after eating lunch and was surprisingly confident enough to text one of my newly found friends to see what she was doing to see if she wanted to hang out.  She proceeded to invite me to the “man apartment” – the only apartment in the group where all the young men resided – where a group of people I mostly hadn’t met yet were hanging out until Bible study that night.  I quickly accepted the offer, collected the address and headed that direction.  Upon entering I was warmly welcomed by a group playing Settlers of Catan and eating mint chocolate chip icecream in the kitchen.  Though I blindly joined the game, I soon began to learn how it was played and also what type of people I was playing with.  It was really my first time to hang out with friends outside of church and campus ministry activities.  I happily liked the bunch of kids in the room but was still a bit shy to be around them. :)

After an hour or so, a guy and a girl walked downstairs to walk through the kitchen to the backyard to play cards.  Hmm. . . they must be together, I analyzed.  I didn’t think much of it, but that thought lingered in my mind for a while.  When they came back inside I coincidentally wanted a glass of water.  Upon being told that the guy who came back inside lived there with the 3 other guys, I asked him if I may have some water.  I can’t remember if it was before I asked this question that I was introduced indirectly to him or after, but as you might could guess, I was speaking to Cobalt.

We didn’t speak for another couple weeks until “the group” (i.e. our mutual friends) went hiking.  I had brought my sunglasses with me because they’re basically my security blanket when I’m outside.  When noticing that Cobalt had not brought any, I kindly let him borrow mine throughout the hike.  We didn’t talk much that day, but at the end when everyone was leaving, he realized that my sunglasses were still in his pocket.  Keenly, Emily (the one whom I had texted that Sunday afternoon) gave him my number to contact me about the sunglasses.  From then on Cobalt didn’t stop talking to me!

For a few weeks we communicated via texting.  But after a while I spent more time with him at social events.  During one in particular we talked the entire time – about what I can’t even recall. That was the night I had butterflies and a permanent smile on my face.  :)

Another time Cobalt asked me to go with him to the park to help him try out an SLR camera he was considering buying from a friend.  Without even thinking about it, I said “sure” –  scared out of my mind but, for some strange reason, very excited about spending time with him!

I think it was a week or two later that I asked Cobalt out.  Yes, it was me! For some reason I felt the inclination to share my feelings first, so I called him up (shyly of course, as I hadn’t become confident yet talking to guys) to meet at a nearby park and go walking.

We did walk.  And we did talk.  For the whole afternoon.  I shared with him my feelings of liking him and he was flattered and glowed with happiness.  Then we chased the sunset and got caught for walking on a farmer’s property (“whatchya’ll doin’?!!!” – says a scruffy voice.  “uhh, just lookin’ at the sunset and taking pictures!” we says.  “allllright. . . ” says he).

DSC_0386 (3) (1280x850)

That was a night I’ll never forget.

A week or so later, Cobalt took me out on our first date, on my birthday November 22, 2011.

We’ve been together ever since :)