March 2016

Since the new year, quite a bit has happened – at least, in regards to Cobalt’s company. I really should have the husband write a post about how Studio229 (S229) is doing … but I’ll do my best to nutshell some of the deets :)

For the last six months, S299 has been seeking investment/funding so that it can move into a legit office space and hire a legit team of artists to expand talent, repertoire and overall image. An entrepreneur approached them around September 2015 (initially considering in investing in them), and essentially mentored Joel and Cobalt in the best “next steps” to take to increase their worth as visual artists and the company’s worth to future clients. This encouraged a rapid conversion of Studio229 from normal visual effects to exclusively Virtual Reality (VR). S229′s image is now exceptionally more unique and specialized than it was; and Joel and Cobalt are offering super creative reality-shaking VR content to their potential clients.

So from January until now, Joel and Cobalt have been networking with businesses in Los Angeles to spread the news of their abilities as fresh (yet super talented!) VR artists. Every business S229 has met thus far has absolutely loved what Joel and Cobalt are doing; however, these companies are a little behind the times in adapting this new technology quickly. (Think of a grandma who converts from a house phone to a smart phone. It’s going to take a while for her to get accustomed to her new-found allowances on the hand-held computer. ;)) Thus, it’s taking some time to wait for Joel and Cobalt to get some new clients…

At the same time that this has all been happening, Joel and Kat announced that they are pregnant… their baby girl Olivia is due in late September. So with the company finding an official office space and the Gerlachs expecting, we all agreed upon moving out of the communal house this summer.

For the last couple weeks, Cobalt and I have been searching online for apartments. We’ve found many on Craigslist, Zillow, Padmapper that are surprisingly in our price range; but we haven’t received many replies from renters! One place was perfect but the renter’s email was incorrectly listed on the posting — super disappointing. So we are waiting for God’s timing to open a door and, in the meantime, packing, giving away and organizing our belongings (and collecting furniture, as we won’t have any in our new home). I am thrilled to finally get to choose our own home, after 3 1/2 years of marriage! Though I know that my “ideal home” may never come to be (country farmhouse with white picket fence, a garden and piggies), I have been dreaming of making a home for Cobalt and I — just us — since we were dating. Thanks be to God for finally giving me the opportunity!

More updates soon!