Christmas Part-ay Shenanigans!Fancy Christmas Part-ay!

Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve written!

I’ve thought to update on our “LA Life” so many times but reconsidered — for a lot of the things that had been going on were in my heart and I didn’t wanted to publicly admit my sins of selfishness, fear, and lack of control. Who wants to read an online blog that lists complaints after complaints? (Well, maybe one that is eloquently dictated.) So instead of writing, I’ve been perpetually riding the wave of homesick emotions, praying for God to intervene so I can become more thankful for where He’s placed us instead of wishing we’d ended up somewhere more green, rainy, hilly and isolate/quiet. Waiting has been a lot harder than it sounds. But praise God, the wave appears to be dissipating!

Christmas Eve Service at churchChristmas Eve Service at church

For starters, having a real holiday since moving here was marvelous and very much needed, indeed. While our three roommates were at their respective parents’ homes for Christmas, Cobalt and I enjoyed ours here in LA. Thank God we didn’t have the cold-flu this year (last year was absolutely miserable) because the whole day was perfect! We began the morning break-fasting on homemade hashbrown casserole with cinnamon rolls and orange juice, accompanied by Vince Guaraldi Christmas music doodling in the background and the front door welcoming the 75F-degree LA air.


Then we opened presents from both each other and our family. To watch the expression on each other’s faces while opening presents from loved ones 2000 miles away was priceless. :)

We weren’t complete loners — Haha. Christmas evening we ate dinner with some friends from church who we’d shared Thanksgiving with also. As with Turkey-Day, which we dubbed “soups-giving” (thanks to crockpots and 5 different soup recipes), we forwent the traditional dishes again and opted for something easy — Italian food. Lasagna and Caesar salad for Christmas dinner is quite comforting!

The week following, we housesat friends’ home; which mostly consisted of prescribing that stupid cold virus (which we caught anyway) with endless Netflixing (sooooo many movies!!!). The lounging reminded me of our honeymoon when we forgot all about time and days and just borrowed movie after movie from our B&B’s entertainment cabinet. I hadn’t spent this much time with Cobalt since then and it was so nice to have a house to ourselves and no curfew! And a couch to cuddle on without roommates to tease us for being lovebirds… :P

Being sick on New Year’s, we stayed home, clinking glasses of sparkling apple cider upon the don of the first of January and going straight to bed. :D