Christmas 2011

As I’m making decorations for our first tree (while listening to Little Women), I’m reminiscing last year’s Christmas. Cobalt and I visited my parents for the occasion, then headed to TX to see my family’s relatives (the first time I’ve done so since I lived there between ’90-’96).

Tree Decorations

 Paper garlands and snowflakes, inspired by a friend of mine

This year we’re celebrating Jesus’ birth with Cobalt’s family here in Chattanooga, including his grandmother. (We may also go visit my family around New Year’s.)

On the note about family, I want to exclaim just how much Cobalt’s family has been a blessing to me. I really have been foolishly ungrateful at times yet they’ve embraced me so tightly as if I was their own daughter – being so gracious and hospitable, inviting us to eat dinner or to watch a movie; to hang out with the sisters, and also to celebrate holidays with them! They’ve done this and so much more. As much as this transition back to the big city has been hard for me, them being here makes it ever so much easier.

Thank you Father for you blessings!



Tree (1)

Our first tree, given to us by a friend I met this semester. :)

Tree (2)

Pardon the sweat pants. It was late when we were decorating! Plus, I’m not much of a fan of jeans…;-P


On Sunday December 16th, Cobalt and I celebrated our 6th month anniversary! I did the math wrong last month, so this month we’ll celebrated it for the second time! ;)

wedding (1)

Thanks to all once again for helping with our wedding. It was such a blessing to have everyone there. For those who couldn’t make it, thank you for the cards, the gifts and the words of blessing – we missed you all dearly but feel very blessed by your “presence.”

The Bride

A Toast


One of my personally favorite pics: my nephew Noah grabbing not one, but TWO cupcakes… :D

P.S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I, Hope, have updated my foodblog recently! To learn about simple recipes, grocery tips and more, check out ohmyfoodness!