In June, I paused the urban farming and garden education career I’d been passionate about the last three and a half years and — after much prayer and talking through the pros and cons — transitioned into healthcare. This opportunity came about through a friend at church. JL had been looking for an extra hand in the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Department for about a year and, after a lengthy approval process, was able to finally post the job position in May.


I’d heard about the position around February from a different church sister but wasn’t very interested at first. Since I hadn’t worked in an office space before and pridefully had written off ever working in this type of career, it took a bit of courage to reach out to JL and inquire. My fears that this type of work would be unfulfilling for my mental and physical wellbeing and that this occupation would certainly divert me (if not break me) from my dream of being a farmer/homesteader/sustainable housewife, weighed heavily on me. I felt a bit like I was betraying myself and society if I was to say goodbye to growing fruits and vegetables and abandoning what I believe is a God-given right for kids to know where in the world their food comes from, or at least how it grows out of the ground!


But I knew that there would be other opportunities in my future to garden, whether on my own homestead or for others. And if not, my identity is not to be found in my job but in God alone.

Ultimately, after much prayer, weighing pros and cons and talking through it with JL and Cobalt, I took a deep breath and applied for the job. June 18th was my first day! This job, which provides stability, higher pay, a shorter commute and set hours, has truly been an answer to prayer. I am so thankful!