Eesh, I haven’t written in a while so here’s a quick update!

Summer is upon is! This doesn’t mean a whole lot for Cobalt because his work is fairly the same throughout the year. But this means that school is out for me and I will not be teaching garden classes again until September. I have been assigned 17 gardens to attend to this summer as well as help lead garden workdays (renovations and restorations). I’m a little scared but I think it’s going to be a big relief to being around kids all the time!

Meanwhile, Cobalt and his company will be working on their first Virtual Reality game, all self-funded and self-created. He and Joel hired a temporary employee for the project who actually gave them the entire idea for the game. Lord willing, if the project goes well, it will fund the next internal project and the company can continue to publish unique work instead of creating for clients.

We won’t have much time for socializing or going on vacation so it’s just full steam ahead from here on out!