I was pulling food out of Grandmother’s fridge, on Sunday Dec 25, 2016, helping her get ready for Christmas lunch. When all of a sudden, I heard a galloping through the front door, located in the other room. The sound became louder as it continued through the dining room and into the kitchen. With a squeal, Cobalt’s sister (C2) grabbed me around the neck and squeezed me so hard that both our eyes teared as we giggled with happiness. “Thanks a lot!” I teased, laughing as I wiped my eyes, careful not to smear my eyeliner.

 ...setting up the table (lots of food not pictured :D)…setting up the table (lots of food not pictured :D)

This was the first time we’d seen C2 since we’d arrived at Gma’s two days ago. Mom and sister 2 (C3) had picked us up Friday night from the Groome Shuttle (which picks you up from the Atlanta airport and takes you the 1.5 trip to Chattanooga) and visited with us that evening and some of Saturday. C2 and Dad were under the weather and couldn’t make it. Hence the enormous hug!


Christmas with the Coxes was just as I remembered when Cobalt and I lived near them two years ago: Grandmother’s comfort food, Dad playing Santa Clause, C3 and Mom playing carols on their cello and violin (respectively) and C2 loving us to pieces.

Chattanooga hadn’t changed much either. I loved touring around town with Cobalt, visiting the restaurants we’d always wanted to try but couldn’t when we were newly weds on a college budget.  Most of our choices were iconic Tennessean food.  Tennessee Tacos.  Tennessee Bar-B-Que.  Tennessee Home Cookin’. Tennessee Beer. Tennessee Pies. We even took advantage of our nighness to friends and took a visit to our college town Johnson City and my hometown Nashville.

SITES & FRIENDS (many not pictured!):


It was the most beautiful trip. And as I sit here writing this, while back in Los Angeles, I can’t help tearing up.

I miss home.