I’ve never really cared about my appearance. My dad drilled into me that vanity is wrong; and I heartily agreed. At one point in high school, I cared a little bit about my clothes so I could fit in with my girlfriends; and I thought it was strange that my parents didn’t let me wear makeup until I was fifteen. But rarely did I wear clothes or makeup to impress anyone. I figured if a guy liked me, it was for who I was, not for what I looked like. And those boys who preferred my appearance, I wasn’t going to bother with. Guys didn’t talk to me anyhow, and I didn’t like them anyway, so I just neglected that whole side of high school. Vanity only played a part when I was trying to look my age (I’ve always looked younger than I am).

As I grew up, I discovered shortcuts to pampering myself. Quick showers. Shaving during a movie. Moussing instead of blow drying/straightening my hair. Smear eyeshadow. Liquid eyeliner. Cheap mascara. No concealer so to not create breakouts on my face … Because of these tricks, I can get ready for church faster than Cobalt, which I deem a victory for being a girl!

But this year, I started getting more self-conscious about my appearance. Not my body shape or zits or clothing. But face wrinkles. Yeah, I know. I’m too young to care about face wrinkles. But apparently sun gives them to you! And not just in late age!

Thanks to the neverending glare of the sun (and no thanks to clear skies and long days) in Los Angeles (and lack of sleep, too, I reckon), I have obtained the most horrendous line on my forehead that I have ever seen on a 25-year-old female. Tiny wrinkles bunch like paper around the corners of my eyes when I smile. And the bags under my eyes are getting worse. So much for getting tanner…

I digress. For a day I freaked out and researched online what to do and then went to the nearest pharmacy to find Vitamin C face cream. But then I realized all this would be for loss. Even if I COULD smooth out my face again, would it be worth it?