Hollywood Wax Museum

I find it very interesting that the majority of the world wants to move to the West…

Western Culture is, somehow, intriguing. The promise of Freedom. Employment. Adventure. The so-called “American Dream.”

It’s all very mysterious, really.

I shan’t bore you with discussing the US of A’s pros and cons about “liberty and justice for all.” If you’re reading this, you’re probably a US citizen and are familiar with this concept. And are probably grateful, as I am, for what freedoms we do have.

No…rather I’d like to discuss the pinnacle of Western Culture: California. Los Angeles. Hollywood.WP_20150425_15_41_16_Pro

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

For nearly a year Cobalt and I have been living in the “Capital of America” — absorbing this famous city, depicted in movies and media as the place to shine and find oneself. To not judge your actions, your race, your gender, your career.

Certainly much time is spent reinforcing these ideals as if “Do Not Judge” was the greatest commandment.


From what I’ve seen so far, Los Angeles certainly tries to appease all of its civilians. It allows a mix of cultures to intermingle, gay people to avoid “the closet,” freedoms of speech and creativity…and LA is a bustle of activity and jobs and networking…

But it’s really just the same as any other big city.

There’s racism and fights and shootings; rich people and poor people and homeless people; franchises and mom and pop’s and fancy restaurants; great schools and terrible schools; wise people and foolish people; touristy spots and get-aways…

The city isn’t charming or inviting or attractive by any sense. It’s just like any other large city that’s over-crowded, over-neglected and over-exaggerated.

Freedom is relative…