Time flies when you’re packing for a move! :D

We did it: we found a home Sept 18th in Gardena, CA! It all happened so fast that we’re still in shock. More on the story later.

Here are some pictures from Joel and Kat, who moved in last weekend:


The outside, Spanish Mission Style


The owners planted some trees near the sidewalk in the front yard. They also planted lemon, lime and avocado trees in the backyard!


The living room as soon as you walk in. I love Joel and Kat’s furniture!home_5

The living room, wider viewhome_3

The kitchen!!! I am so excited to use updated appliances!home_1

The owners gave us some plants when they heard I was a gardener! How sweet of them!

More later…. gotta get back to packing! Trying to fit our stuff into this green area on the left side of the room (it’s the size of Cobalt’s car)…condensing is harder than I thought! Lots of space bags and jamming little things into the corners of boxes…

 We move Saturday, Oct 4th. If you would like our new address, message me on Facebook.

Also, if you want to follow the progress of our move, check out our instagrams @cobaltcox and @hope_omf (or my Facebook if you’re my friend). We might post a couple times through this blog on the road but Wifi will be minimal I am sure. I’ll write something for sure once we’re in LA!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to LA we go! :)