Besides attending Riverbend a couple summers ago, today was mine and Cobalt’s first time to go to a real concert together. :D The sisters who sing in the Vespers went to my high school in Nashville and since then have made a band. Them plus the brothers are super (and by super I mean SUPER) talented; they literally rock my world (cliche but true!!) every time I watch them play. I’ve tried my best to see them when I can; but with myself moving to two different cities, and with them touring around the country, I’ve only seen them three times.

I made sure, then, to grab this opportunity, when the ticket site reminded me they were coming to Chattanooga this week! I wasn’t going to miss it for the world because I hadn’t seen the girls in a year and a half — since then they’ve gotten married!

It was a lovely concert — opened by an acoustic guitarist with an Iron & Wine, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons kind of sound. He played 5 or 6 songs, the final one being the most enjoyable to me because of the feeling and creativity in the chords.

Then the Vespers plays, starting off with “Grinnin’ in Your Face,” a common “crowd getter.” The rest of their repertoire was just as enjoyable, including a few new songs that will be featured on their new album!


Afterwards we stayed around to talk to some attendees and the band. It was a wonderful time for me, as I felt in my element for the first time in a while. As much as I can’t really play an instrument or sing, I love music beyond explanation. Getting to meet the artists and learn why they wrote their songs is the most interesting part to me.

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