Since there’s still a few minutes left, then Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :)

Cobalt and I spent it with his family this year, here in Chattanooga. This was my third with them, as traveling to North Carolina where my parents live hasn’t been do-able since before Cobalt and I were engaged.

It was interesting for me — still new to the Cox family — to observe the similarities and differences of this year’s Turkey Day compared to the past two, including: moods, foods, weather, and traditions. Everyone seemed a bit perkier, singing silly songs, smiling, and staying til we were just too sleepy. And for some reason, the food tasted better than last year’s, seasoned to perfection and as colorful as a rainbow.




I was overjoyed to bake homemade rolls for this occasion, especially since I just recently perfected the recipe I’ve been experimenting with for two years now!


Oddly, this was the first Thanksgiving I didn’t feel sick from eating too much food. Maybe I’ve learned my lesson one too many times? In any case, I was very thankful for such deliciousness without tummy aches. :)

Thirdly, the weather was much colder than I remember Thanksgiving ever being — yesterday was “spitting flurries,” as one customer from my job described it. We still raked Grandmother’s pine-needle-ridden backyard anyway. I ended up taking off my jacket, though, exposing my arms poking out of my black, short-sleeved shirt to the chilly air. (I knew keeping our house cold was good for something ;) )


And of course, as we do for all family days, we played games with the sisters. Settlers of Catan and Banana Grams, both excellent brain games!



While I miss my family a lot, I am so very thankful for Cobalt’s. They have truly welcomed me in with open arms, adopting me as their own daughter. It’s days like today, though, where I realize how much I take this for granted and I have to pray Father, remind me daily to be thankful for such blessings! But even though I didn’t get to visit with my parents, siblings and nephews, I did get to Skype them! During the board game time my nine-year-old nephew video-Skyped Cobalt and I twice. Grandmother doesn’t have internet or wifi so I wasn’t expecting this at all; but apparently on our Windows Phones the Skype app works off data, too. So that was fun talking to/seeing them for a little bit! It ALMOST felt like being at their house :)

It’s funny, though, to think where we’ll be for Thanksgiving next year…

Just to catch you guys up on what’s going on: next month I’ll have to really think about where I want to do my 2014 Post-Graduation, 1200-hr Supervised Practice “Internship” that will qualify me to be a Registered Dietitian. The process — much like when a doctor chooses his/her residency — is very confusing, tedious, expensive and overall tiresome. In a nutshell, I must do this internship through a school that has an internship program already established (which UTC doesn’t have, despite the fact it has a Didactic Program). Therefore, I must apply to schools around the country were I’d like to do it. Then, in April 2014 I’ll know which one picked me.

Prayers for this decision would be appreciated because trusting God with this has been a struggle. I honestly feel like I did when I was picking colleges: lost, unprepared and frustrated. But God DID lead me to the colleges (three in fact!) that He wanted me to go to, so that reminds me that He’s already planned next year’s experience and it’s going to be great! :)

On that note, a verse that is convicting me right now states:

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Oh, if only always, continually and all were easier!


Me and Cobalt on my birthday last Friday. How I am so thankful for this handsome, loving man!