We still haven’t found a place to live yet but we’re still hoping that God has something for us. Gratefully, we know someone who may be able to help us with a place and so we are praying that this situation works out or that he knows someone else who has a place for us to live. Our predicament is that we can’t afford a place on our own, i.e. that’s more than $800 a month. So that means we’ll probably have to, again, share a place with another couple/family. :-/ Cobalt called me out for being selfish the other day (and also admitted he was too) and it made me think and ask the questions: “Why am I selfish? What do I want? Why do I want it? Is it worth being upset about?!”

Ever since I wanted to marry Cobalt, I’ve wanted to make a home for us. I loved the idea of being a housewife. But after the ceremony, I realized that couldn’t be a real housewife because we didn’t live alone. For the first two and a half years we lived next door to Cobalt’s family; and the last year and a half we’ve lived with another couple. The selfish side of me has bottled up frustration because I want the pleasure of choosing our own home, accumulating our own furniture and home-goods and making our home our home …. sigh.

Idols have a way of dragging you down and making you feel unappreciated, deprived and annoyed, don’t they?