Day 4: Friday

We began the day researching apartments once more. But after a bit of an emotional stress-out and a talk-through-our-emotions conversation (never fun but always necessary), we decided to simply build things with LEGOs and watch movies for the rest of the afternoon. An excellent solution for sure! This was the most fun day ever. :)

In the evening, we went to a yummy little Asian-American Grill called Pastor’s Chef. It was the first time we’d eaten there but Yelp had high reviews. Being early dinner hour, we were the first customers of the evening so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves! The Honey Fried Chicken is super popular, but we decided to order something different: Pancit Bihon Guisado and Shanghai Lumpia (Pork Egg Rolls). Both were super delicious and we were able to bring home leftovers for the next day :)

On the way home we dropped by Target to pick out some LEGO sets to begin together. Cobalt chose the Star Wars Millenium Falcon and I chose the large box of assorted colorful blocks. Late unto the night we built our own creations and watched several episodes of X-Files (we’re on the second season currently).

(we ended up finishing them the next day)