Written Dec 14, 2014

So thankful for all the sweet, sweet people at our church. No one has hesitated to introduce themselves to us, the newbies. And many have shared meals with us, gladly. And followed up by asking how we are coping with The Infamous Move. And two have already given us Christmas cards!

What a lovely, fresh blessing this new chapter of life with Cobalt is bringing to us! It’s been super difficult to process what all has happened the last two and a half months. Most days it feels like we’ve lived here much, much longer. Others it feels like every day is our first day here in the other side of the United States…

I love how every day is an adventure! Like opening a present, or the next day of a chocolate advent calendar: So sweet and unpredictable (how fitting that this month is Christmas!).

I long for more structure and guidance, but know those things will come with time. God is teaching me patience, quietness, open mindedness, confidence, trust and so much more. Praise him for His provision, His patience, His love!! Without Him I wouldn’t have surrendered my pride to move here. I would have been dragged, kicking and screaming away from my comforts of where I grew up. I would have a terrible attitude and not care to live each day with abandon.

Thank you God for new joy. For new enthusiasm for life!