palm tree_1

There are several of these HUGE palm trees in our neighborhood. Cobalt and I like to take walks and observe how everyone decors their house with either native plants or plants of their own (or nothing, as some yards are completely bare, dirt/sand and all).

Six weeks since we’ve moved to Los Angeles…two weeks longer than our adventure last summer (one and a half weeks in LA and the rest driving around the country).

Most days it feels like we’ve been here for as long as I can remember.

But some days I’m reminded — such as recently when realizing that it’s still 75 degrees in November — that I DO live in Los Angeles, which is completely different than any of the three cities of Tennessee I’ve lived.

For example, this will be the first year I’ll experience Christmas without the threat of snow. I’m not disappointed at all, though. I’m extremely enjoying my one-season wardrobe. In fact, I plan to take a beach walk with Cobalt on my birthday this weekend. Can’t say I’ve ever done THAT before…

10734158_10204962045113680_2933667708132500071_n (1)

So I guess it’s been a while since I’ve updated…

For the last four weeks I’ve been interning with EnrichLA, an organization that creates gardens in schools in Los Angeles County. I’m shadowing existing Garden Rangers, helping to teach garden classes at several schools near me.

I’ve truly enjoyed this experience thus far! I get to use some of my nutrition knowledge to teach the kids about vitamin and minerals in fruits/veggies (see pic above); to share the EnrichLA curriculum with kids while creatively enhancing it for better retention; to see the kids’ reactions when they realize that beets are not radishes and broccoli is really a flower; and to hear them be excited about trying the foods they grew in their own garden!

Currently the position is unpaid but hopefully in January when the new school year starts I will be hired to be a real Garden Ranger. In the meantime, I’m learning as much as I can from the people I am shadowing.


While I’ve been working my internship 4 days a week, Cobalt and Joel and have constantly been offered different jobs for their company Studio 229; what a blessing! Recently they finished both a promo video for the Set Awards in LA  (they got to attend this ceremony with some famous artists!) and also an Icebreakers commercial. Pretty cool stuff. I’m super excited where God is going to take their dream!